Inspiration for progress

Future perspective

Grupo Rotoplas bets on innovation as its differentiator, providing appropriate solutions for water supply and sanitation, contributing to social development.

In a context of economic slowdown in Latin America, the need for this kind of solutions is fostered by the population growth and the increasing impact of climate change, which compromise water security as extreme phenomena of drought and rainfall intensify.

We are diversifying our portfolio, with individual and integrated solutions also implementing the provision of value-added services as installation and maintenance. In this regard, from being a company entirely focused on products, we are becoming a service company, adapting to new consumption habits. Along with innovation in products and processes, we are innovating through the development of new business models, such as the delivery of decentralized water services, where the user pays a monthly lease that includes the equipment and its maintenance, without an initial investment to acquire the solution.

Convinced of the collaboration potential, we work to detonate the development of new technologies in Rotoplas Labs, our innovation platform. Together with research centers, universities and startups, we create a community of water and sanitation, by joining efforts. In addition, we are incorporating disruptive technologies, which we believe would shape the future already from the present, as the Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS) from the AIC, to scale and develop them to a commercial level. We also work with clients in the identification of opportunities for which our solutions can improve the population´s quality of life.

Being aware of the need to preserve water resources, we are focusing also on solutions to reuse and recycle water after its use. The acquisition of Sytesa will permit us to fully participate in the water cycle and contribute to sustainability in terms of the availability of water in the environment.

Being a solid team, we can face future challenges. With the wealth of the diversity in the countries in which we operate and new companies that we are incorporating, we work towards operational efficiency, collaboration and living the Rotoplas Way.




Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to sustainability in a strategic way, as a feature of our portfolio and operation, given the contribution to the socio-economic development provided by our solutions and operational efficiency with which we work to reduce our negative impact, for example, on environmental matters.

Through our innovation approach, we pursue to develop win-win solutions that contribute to improve access to water and sanitation, the quality of the available resource and its reintegration to the environment after its use.

In order to determine our sustainability model, we consider the major international initiatives that relate to the impacts and risks of our operations. As part of this, we contribute to development through our solutions portfolio, as well as by aligning our operations to the 2030 Agenda approved by the United Nations. It is a framework that promotes economic growth, social inclusion and environment protection, through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Collaboration between public administrations, companies and civil society is required for its achievement.

Water is the essence of our company, access, use, and availability are the purpose of our solutions and services. Facing the negative impact on populations’ development due to water shortage, its poor quality and sanitation deficiencies, a sixth SDG specific to water and sanitation was stated, which we are contributing as part of our business model and the new opportunities we are working in. Our commitment to innovation also allows us to contribute to the achievement of the ninth SDG, including the construction of resilient infrastructure to climate change effects.

In an indirect way, consequently, and considering the need of working together with third parties, we contribute to the health and welfare, education, and gender equality SDGs.

Below, we show how our operations, solutions and services contribute to the achievement of these SDGs and their respective goals.




ODS Description Contribution
ico Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

We develop Rainwater harvesting, storage, purification and treatment solutions, including Drinking water fountains in schools and Outdoor sustainable bathroom.

We contribute to improve the conditions of vulnerable communities through government programs which include our solutions. Also, our pilot programs and initiatives with NGOs, under schemes of social investment where we provide our solutions.

Furthermore, we organize different initiatives in order to promote a responsible use of water, as our World Water Day campaign and the digital platform: Fan del Agua.

ico Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Innovation is a permanent force in Grupo Rotoplas, causing the development of new solutions, process improvement and approaching of new business models. We intend it to be collaborative, creating partnerships to provide water solutions, by an approach that connects “needs with appropriate water solutions”.

We support the creation of an innovation ecosystem around water, such as our participation in the AIC Research Center in Chile, for the development of pioneering technologies.

In addition, needs expressed by users are considered for our designs, in order to provide appropriate solutions.

On the other hand, our solutions contribute to water security before extreme events caused by climate change, contributing to the resilience of communities and industries.

ico Ensure a healthy life and to promote well-being for all at all ages.

Our Government projects, finance, and implementation of pilot programs and the contribution to NGOs initiatives, improve the conditions in terms of water supply and sanitation. By gaining access to such basic needs, impacts like the reduction of gastrointestinal infectious diseases and the greater availability of time as there is no need of carrying water, are achieved. Furthermore, there is lower labor and school absenteeism and women are empowered to develop outside their home.

These impacts rely on different variables, which in addition to the availability of water and sanitation, electrification, commodities and telecommunications, among others, result from the operations of companies from different industries, as well as Governments and NGOs contributions.

ico Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.
ico Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.